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“I started my career as a teacher and currently I have over 10 years of experience as an e-learning instructor and content developer for an online education company. I am a member of the Youth Commission for our city. With my educational experience and as a wife and mother of 3 children attending Pleasanton schools, I am now ready to make a greater difference for the benefit of our students.

It’s time to REDEFINE and CULTIVATE education during these challenging times. I have led schools and districts through the ‘change process’ including reform initiatives, trained teachers on a variety of curricular topics and instructional strategies, and served as an Executive Director and also as the President of a Board of two different charities. I am ready to serve in a greater capacity for our school community as a trustee.”

“Education in our world is facing a “new normal” that demands experience that Kelly has to solve new challenges that have never existed in our lifetime. ” Ray Hryczyk, Retired Assistant Superintendent of Schools

What I Believe…

My Values and Principles

provide ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE e-learning instruction within SAFE and FLEXIBLE learning environments, while providing our students with SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL skills and interactions with their teachers and peers to thrive in the ‘new normal’ school community.

cultivate AUTHENTIC LEARNING and valid ASSESSMENTS that meet our students’ DIVERSE needs to foster innovation, inquiry-based learning, and creativity to prepare them for their academic careers and life beyond PUSD. 

ADVOCATE to be the voice for every student, parent,
and educator to achieve our educational goals and to support CULTURAL RESPONSIVENESS for our school curriculum.

demonstrate TRANSPARENCY of school policies and fiscal priorities when making decisions in the best interest of OUR STUDENTS, using multiple measures of data, and by working COLLABORATIVELY with open COMMUNICATION and dialogue.

leverage successful PROGRAMS and INITIATIVES thriving in some of our schools and expand them directly throughout the entire district for the benefit of all our students.

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What People Say

“Kelly took our school district of independent-working elementary schools and pulled them together into a cohesive elementary district with common goals and provided the guidance for us to achieve them.”

Geri Ledford
Retired Federal Grants Supervisor
Garfield Public Schools

“As a Board member, Kelly exhibited superb communication skills and extraordinary leadership skills. She worked individually with staff members to grow their leadership skills and improve their job performance. When issues or grievance cases would arrive, Kelly tackled them head on without hesitation.”

Michelle Zoromoski
Executive Director
Reece’s Rainbow Foundation:
Special Needs Adoption Support


Recent Events

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  • Why I Believe in Arts Integration
    As a former educator, I have a huge passion for arts integration. I love thinking outside the box and to consider curriculum that blends multiple subjects together collectively, through project-based learning and other methods to integrate the arts into the core subjects. Most recently I wrote a course called, “Fostering Critical Inquiry Through Arts Integration”Continue reading “Why I Believe in Arts Integration”
  • A Parent’s Perspective on E-learning
    Students need to build their own sense of responsibility and take ownership when it comes to e-learning. Why?  Because they are accountable for their own actions and choices and have the power to learn new organizational and planning skills to help them become independent learners. In times like this when parents and teachers alike areContinue reading “A Parent’s Perspective on E-learning”

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