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1. Flexible and Safe eLearning Environments

I have the experience as an eLearning instructor and course writer to know what it takes to engage students with eLearning.

The time has come to rethink current trends for eLearning when dealing with the pandemic (COVID-19). The goal must be the same: to ensure every child has equal access to a positive learning experience, while also respecting diverse learner differences, whether culturally, emotionally, and/or academically.

Instruction that is flexible and yet, engaging for our students is a must with eLearning instruction, such as, small group virtual tasks and hands on tasks when students are expected to work independently.

Social and emotional programs that are specifically aligned with the COVID pandemic is a must. This means specific support with tech addiction issues, Zoom fatigue, and how to support our students through social (but safe) engagement with their peers for social benefits.

Strengthen Hands-On & Authentic Learning

Students learn through many different ways (i.e. visually, auditorily) and need frequent interactive and hands-on projects, especially during this pandemic. Whether its science experiments, integrated writing with art tasks, or technology and math investigations, these types of activities allow students to be more innovative, inquisitive, and creative.

Not only can S.T.E.A.M. can serve as a vehicle, but so can in-depth research tasks, application projects, and other activities that require students to solve real-life problems at all grade levels that are age appropriate even with eLearning instruction. Our children can lead their own inquiries that can make their learning more relevant and meaningful.

Authentic assessments guide student learning that is essential for making learning relevant for every child. Students need more opportunities to demonstrate their learning by “doing” rather than just “answering” test questions such as, self reflections, portfolios, and performance tasks in all subject areas, like science, math, and social studies.

Advocate for every student, parent, and educator.

For Our Students: Every child is unique, including individual interests, personal learning styles, and cultural perspectives. We must advocate for every student to find their own voice with more choice-driven learning tasks through authentic learning, whether it’s investigating their own passions or through culturally diverse-based lessons.

We must advocate for every parent to express their own voice by initiating frequent collaboration with school leaders and with open communication to express their unique views, while strengthening partnerships with our families and our school community.

We must advocate for every educator, ensuring their own professional needs are met and that they are provided with adequate resources to support eLearning and to help provide culturally responsive learning environments for their students.

Making fiscal decisions that are data-driven.

During these economic hardships due to the pandemic, alternative funding options need to be further investigated, while strengthening community and city partnerships. Specific fundraising initiatives with clear transparency of how funds are allocated when seeking funding support is a must to build trust with our residents.

Consistency of Programs and Curricula

Consistency promotes equity for all students. The implementation of consistent programs and curricular initiatives within EVERY school achieves these district-wide goals. Examples include, but not limited to:

  • The benefits of a fine arts program at every elementary school so that every child can expand creative thinking skills.
  • Strengthening transition programs to prepare students going into middle school, into high school and in preparation for after high school.
  • Providing a more robust and consistent program that is available for our advanced learners.

Kelly was instrumental in the development and implementation of all comprehensive school reform professional development services provide nationally for Pearson Education. She consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success.”

Rudy Azcuy
CEO & Founder of Teach & Kids Learn (TKL)
e -Learning Educational Company

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