The Pleasanton Weekly

The Independent

Valerie Arkin, Trustee of the PUSD School Board

Mark Miller, Trustee of the PUSD School Board

Karla Brown, Pleasanton City Council Member

The Tri Valley Democratic Club

Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus

Donalyn Harris, Parent, Pleasanton community member

Maritess Simmons, Parent, Pleasanton community member

Bill Foley, Parent, Pleasanton community member

Kelly Cousins, PhD., retired Educational Psychologist

Laurene Green, Zone 7 Water Board

Paige Henry-Wright, Community member, substitute teacher

Patty Griffin, former VP of PD, Edgenuity, Inc. & Pearson Education

Jennifer McGregor, Curriculum Director, Educational Consultant

Jodi Slonaker, Vice President, TKL- E-learning (TeachnKidsLearn)

Michelle Zoromoski, Executive Director for Reece’s Rainbow

Sharon Clarizio, Assistant Curriculum Supervisor

Ray Hryczyk, Garfield Public Schools, Retired Assistant Superintendent

Margarita Pennisi, Garfield Public Schools, Retired Principal

Geri Ledford, Garfield Public Schools, Retired Federal Grants Supervisor

Kelly Givens, Middle School Teacher

Bill Wurster, Retired Lawyer

Steve Bomgaars, Retired High School Teacher

Gail Pivirotto, Retired School Facilitator

Joyce Yuppa, Retired School Facilitator

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