Virtual Small Group Conferences

Class Meetings Vs. Small Group InstructionMaking learning meaningful in our new virtual-learning environment! I think it’s time to have an honest conversation about the difference between virtual “class meetings” and virtual “student small group conferences.”What? You might ask?    Many teachers are conducting virtual “class meetings” with their students to check in with them andContinue reading “Virtual Small Group Conferences”

Why I Believe in Arts Integration

As a former educator, I have a huge passion for arts integration. I love thinking outside the box and to consider curriculum that blends multiple subjects together collectively, through project-based learning and other methods to integrate the arts into the core subjects. Most recently I wrote a course called, “Fostering Critical Inquiry Through Arts Integration”Continue reading “Why I Believe in Arts Integration”

A Parent’s Perspective on E-learning

Students need to build their own sense of responsibility and take ownership when it comes to e-learning. Why?  Because they are accountable for their own actions and choices and have the power to learn new organizational and planning skills to help them become independent learners. In times like this when parents and teachers alike areContinue reading “A Parent’s Perspective on E-learning”

For Your Child: Creating an Independent Menu Task Board

Creating an Independent Menu Task Board What is this?  In the time of e-learning, children need strategies to help monitor and pace themselves with more independence.  This is really important to develop self-monitoring skills and to prioritize completion of tasks as needed.  This is one great way to help students develop these skills while gainingContinue reading “For Your Child: Creating an Independent Menu Task Board”