For Your Child: Creating an Independent Menu Task Board

Creating an Independent Menu Task Board

What is this?  In the time of e-learning, children need strategies to help monitor and pace themselves with more independence.  This is really important to develop self-monitoring skills and to prioritize completion of tasks as needed.  This is one great way to help students develop these skills while gaining some independence and options for personal choice with their e-learning experiences.

Method:  Draw a table- t chart with two categories.  One side is labeled “Must Do.”  The other side is labeled “May Do.”  List one or two activities/work that your child must do on the “Must Do” side.   On the other side, the child can list other activities or ‘may do’s’ that they may work on when they are done with the “Must Do” tasks. When they are finished with the ‘Must Do’ activities, they choose an activity from right menu and work on it. This can be both parent/teacher directed and child selected. 

Keep in mind that the “Must Do” activities usually rank most important things and the “May Do” tasks that may be tasks that children may practice or choose to do on their own afterwards. The goal is to get their must do’s done first before the children proceed to the “May Do” tasks. 

Variations:  This can be modified in many different ways, such as, by subject area only or even choice of words.  For instance, for more flexibility the “May Do” list may be entirely free choice /fun activities, or it can be more structured around academic focus.  “May Do” options may be theme based or activity based to support the arts or creativity!

The Bottom Line:    What is it that we want at the end of the day for our children?  Certainly we want them to learn new information and knowledge but how that is structured structured may depend on many different factors.  This is just a quick and easy strategy that can help keep children motivated by given them choice and options, while them to prioritize their time independently. 

1. Publish your personal narrative (type final draft).1. Watch a video of your choice- science focus.
2. Illustrate your personal narrative using drawings and pictures.2. Practice your multiplication facts.
3. Silent read a book of your choice.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to keep our children focused during e-learning while at home, but the goal here is to teach our children to be autonomous and to have a focus that gives them a sense of choice. And some days may be more goal oriented than others, and let’s not forget, that is okay too!

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