A Parent’s Perspective on E-learning

Students need to build their own sense of responsibility and take ownership when it comes to e-learning. Why?  Because they are accountable for their own actions and choices and have the power to learn new organizational and planning skills to help them become independent learners.

In times like this when parents and teachers alike are in a situation when they can’t realistically be with any given child necessarily at the same time, during every single moment of e-learning instruction, student choice empowers children and makes the learning process more meaningful!

Benefits with E-learning:

Student choice…

  • ignites independence, curiosity, and creativity.
  • teaches children that their opinions matter.
  • builds trust that so every child can make their own decisions.
  • allows children to develop autonomous skills, like “how should I spend my math e-learning time constructively?” 
  • builds self-confidence and develops personal cognitive and problem solving skills.

A Student’s Perspective: 

My son’s 4th grade perspective sheds light on benefits of student choice for his own e-learning experience!

How Can YOU Make it Happen for your Child?

  • Student Driven: Let your child dictate his own schedule for each e-learning day or choice of the order, sequence, and timing to complete certain tasks.
  • Meaningful Breaks: It’s times like this, if a child needs to take a break, play in the park, or just relax. Down time is sometimes just as important as learning time.
  • Choice Boards: Use a tic-tac-toe board (choice boards) to structure e-learning time visually.
  • Provide Question Ques
    • What do you want to write about?
    • Which math task do you want to solve first?
    • What read-aloud video do you want to watch next?
  • Incentives: Use choice incentives as a reward after completing more difficult tasks.
  • Be Patient: Children and parents alike have to adjust to new schedules and it’s important to remember to give yourself permission to be patient. Sometimes, waiting come bring about new learning situations.

Building a Child’s Voice:

This is a great article from Edutopia that gives educators and parents alike practical ideas to support student choice!  – A Student Voice

Final Thoughts

Student choice should be a balance between what a child wants to accomplish while considering the ultimate learning goals.  Consider what will make it most meaningful for your child?  

Most likely, probably a combinations of many choices to learn certain skills (i.e. mastering the times table)- whether its watching a video, practicing with flash cards, using beans to organize the counting,or creating drawings, it doesn’t always have to be a worksheet.   

Student choice can help make learning fun! And isn’t that what we want for our own kids?

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